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Sod, Aeration & Overseeding

Sod, Aeration & Overseeding 

Sod is the fastest way to spruce up your lawn immediately.  Main Street Landscape, LLC evaluates several key factors (i.e. amount of sunlight, soil type, and maintenance requirements) in your yard to help determine the type of sod that will be best suited for your space.  The different types of sod include;





Aeration and overseeding is an essential part of upkeep for any type of grass.  The foundation of any beautiful lawn is a healthy root system.   Aeration allows for pockets to be dug into the surface of the turf to allow for nutrients, water and fertilizations to be absorbed into the root structure so that your lawn can thrive and become more resistant to disease, heat stress and drought.  The time of year that you should aerate depends on where you live and what type of grass you have.                 so that we can help to determine what works best for your yard.     

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