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Mulch & Pine Straw 

Mulch helps create a impeccable, uniform look in both your garden areas and lawn.  With an array of different colors and types, mulch can be used anywhere across your lawn including close to your foundation. Mulch has many positive properties for your yard besides just aesthetics. It can help prevent weed growth, insulate soil, prevent certain plant diseases and pests and assists with drainage. Rubber mulch is also a great addition to any play areas for your kids. 

Pine straw is an inexpensive, effective and attractive alternative to mulch. It is extremally low maintenance and does not need to be put down as often.  Although, pine straw should never be placed close to the foundation of the home, it can create a cohesive look across your yard.  

Adding pine straw or mulch to your yard can be time consuming and tricky.  Main Street Landscape, LLC handles all aspects of installation from bed prep and delivery to laying down the material.  Sign up for a

                    today and let us handle the A to Z's of mulch and pine straw installation.   

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