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Border Installation 

Installing a border around your garden areas is an excellent way to keep rocks or mulch in and the weeds out.  In addition, it provides a finished, clean look to your landscape.  There are hundreds of different border types ranging from plastic, metal and rubber to stones, bricks and pavers.  


Furthermore, if there is a sloped area of your lawn, a retaining wall can be installed to help not only with drainage, but with creating a level area of your garden bed as well.


Main Street Landscape, LLC, specializes in border and retaining wall installation.  Borders and retaining walls allow for a visual appeal that complements the surrounding areas of your yard.  We are able to custom design your landscape without having to do any of the heavy lifting yourself.  Main Street Landscape, LLC will help bring your yard to life with the choice of stone, bricks, etc.    

                    to receive a FREE estimate on a new border or retaining wall for your landscape. 

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