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Planting, Pruning & Waste Removal 

Picking out plants for your garden beds is extremely time consuming and tricky.  There are thousands of options to consider as well as many different types of care involved.  Main Street Landscape, LLC eliminates the hassle of picking out plants by having our professionals make suggestions based on the type of ecosystem in your yard as well as how much time needs to be spent caring for them.  

Once these new plants (or existing plants) began to grow, they need to be maintained several times a year by being pruned and cut back.  This helps to maintain the shape of the plant while also removing any dead limbs and encouraging future growth.  


Plants, especially trees, tend to shed once the cold weather hits.  While leaves can be good for your soil, an excessive amount of leaves can promote an influx of critters, smother your grassinhibit growth and promote weed growth.  


Throughout all of the stages of a plant (or trees) life, Main Street Landscape, LLC is                  .  

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